Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 21: Tame/Wild

Tame (Mary)

Chase. The Big Guy.

He’s 100+ pounds.

He’s a licker.

He scrunches his nose and cries out when he’s excited.

He is often confused by life.

He doesn’t bark to be let in or out. He’s quiet, most of the time, unless you’re a visitor, in which case he’ll bark his head off just for you.

In greeting Chase, he will expect you to place your arm in his mouth. It’s a comfort thing. He will not bite your arm. Instead, he’ll just leave your arm in his mouth, covering it with drool while he cries out in happiness.

He is incapable of proceeding through a half-opened door. It scares him.

He’s a cuddler.

He’s gentle and docile.

He’s a mooch and will go so far as to place his head on the kitchen table when dinner is being eaten in hopes that someone will feel sorry for him and slip him a little something.

He loves the outdoors.

He reeks 90% of the time.

He loves eating his own shit… and crab apples. But, he’s not picky. He’ll eat Bub’s shit if it’s available.

He has the loudest burps of any dog I’ve ever known. They shake the house and surprise all of our visitors.

He lets babies ride him like a horse.

He loves the water and his morning walk.

Chase is clearly a unique individual and this is precisely why we love him so much!

Are there any tame creatures living in your house?

Wild (Sarah)

child thang...

you make my heart sang...

you make evvvvverythang groovay...

i think i love ya.

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